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Paid Search Campaign:

"Custom Song Offer"

Planned Campaign Length: April 8th, 2023 - Jun 30th, 2023


Obtain 60 new email leads by Jun 30th, 2023

Maintain $0.50 CPC

Get an avg. cost/conversion of $5 or less by the campaign end date

• Sell 22 tier one offers by Jun 30th, 2023

Strategy: Drive traffic to the sales landing page with the lead submission form.

Tactics: Run a 68% off sale. Drive traffic to the sales page using a paid search campaign. Target the EU, UK, CA, and USA in separate campaigns, each with 3 separate ad groups organized by intent.

Results: Pending...

Organic Content Marketing Campaign: "@EssiCrana"

Campaign Length: Nov. 16th, 2022 - April 4th, 2023

Objectives: Grow audiences on Youtube & Instagram by 20% by Q1 2023

Strategy: Build brand awareness and increase audience size through short-form content.

Tactics: Post 3 identical pieces of short-form content daily on each channel. Content is derived from 3 main categories; mindset conversations, personal hobbies/ lifestyle, and music.

Results: I was able to grow the Instagram account from 771 followers to 990 followers during the campaign. This is a 28.4% increase - 8.4% more than my target KPI.

On YouTube I was able to grow the subscribers from 135 subscribers to 355 subscribers. This is a 163.7% increase - 143% more than my target KPI.

Email Marketing Campaign:

"Bless Up Music Exclusive"

Email 1/3

Email Marketing Campaign For Product Launch

Campaign Length: 5 Days

Objective: Achieve a 5% conversion rate during the launch week of the new music subscription service.

Strategy: Drive conversions through a 3-part email campaign and a landing sales page including a VSL.

Tactics: Create scarcity, urgency, and FOMO by running a "Launch Week Exclusive Deal" where readers could get into the lowest tier subscription for $1.

Results: I was able to drive 19 unique visits to the page through this email campaign and drive 1 conversion of the mid-tier subscription product. This equals a 5.2% Conversion Rate

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