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Hi! I’m Anarcisse - a Google-certified digital marketing specialist. I decided to learn digital marketing because I find generating ideas for campaigns, doing research, competitive analysis, campaign structuring, writing ads, executing a well-thought-out plan, and seeing the results of my work, extremely satisfying and engaging. Every day when I wake up, I look forward to going back to monitoring my campaigns and analyzing the results.

How digital marketing combines analytical and creative skills makes all of its day-to-day challenges more interesting to work through and more rewarding to overcome. One of my favorite aspects of the field is that it’s always changing. You are forced to stay on your toes and keep up to date with the latest tech and tools.

My skillset covers a wide base and goes deep in a few areas. I specialize in Google search ads, building landing pages, Google Analytics configuration, email marketing, and search engine optimization. I also possess complementary skills in graphic design and video editing.

I regularly work with industry-standard tools like SEMRush, Google Tag Manager, WordPress, Canva, Adobe Premier Pro, Google Workspace, and Microsft Office so I’m ready to take on any task.

I have extensive training and experience in presenting, public speaking, and effective written and verbal communication, so I can be depended on to get the message across and keep you informed when necessary. I look forward to meeting new people within the digital marketing field and serving my clients as best as I can with my unique skill set.


Tech Savvy

I'm the friend or family member people come to when they have tech related issues because they're confident in my tech abilities.


I've loved building and playing with spreadsheets from the time I was an early teen. Something about seeing the data organised in a way that makes it come alive excites me.


Graphics, videos, painting, drawings and, most prominently, music. I love expressing my creativity in a multitude of ways.


I've sailed across the Atlantic, skated parks in Italy, surfed in California, hiked in the Azores and biked across Bermuda. I'm accustomed to taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone.

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